Bitcoin Faucet List

Bitcoin faucets are sites to earn some bitcoins for free. They usually needs address entry and captcha filling. You can revisit faucets every given time to get more.

Here are the few bitcoin faucets that I have list…

Website Name Wallet Type Refresh Time Reward Link
BitFun Coinpot5 minutes50View
Claimbits Faucethub5 minutes10View
Fautsy Faucethub5 minutes15View
Weatherxcoin Faucetbox5 minutes20View
SunBTC Faucetbox5 minutes25View
xbitcoin Faucetbox5 minutes100View
Chronoxcoin Faucetbox5 minutes23View
Get Your Bitcoin Faucetbox5 minutes200View
Time for Bitcoin Faucetbox5 minutes154View
Moonbitcoin Xapo/Bitcoin5 minutes100View
Bunos Bitcoin Bitcoin15 minutes339View
Bitcoin Bitcoin60 minutes50View Bitcoin60 minutes811View
BestChange Bitcoin60 minutes15View
Daily Free Bits Faucetbox60 minutes100View

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