Loadcentral Common Errors

Following are common errors and solutions of loadcentral you may encounter:

Webtool is Lock – this may happen if you have lock this before or your SMS and Webtool password are the same. To solve this error you may text loadcentral to unlock your webtool using your registered sim, follow this format:

“UNLOCK<space>Password” and send to Loadcentral Access Number.

e.g. UNLOCK 123456 send to 0922-999-0214

Webtool Access Denied – this may happen when you input 3 times with a wrong password. To solve this text loadcentral using your registered sim the following format:

“RETOFF<space>SMS Password” and send to Loadcentral Access Number.

e.g. RETOFF 123456 and send to 0922-999-0214

Forgot SMS/Webtool Password – to reset your sms or webtool password, text loadcentral the following format:

For SMS Password: text “RESET FL” and send to 0928-506-7310

For Webtool Password: text “RESET SL” and send to 0928-506-7310

Note: Time of resetting of password is only from 9AM – 6PM, Monday to Sunday.

You can also email  techsupport@loadcentral.com.ph using your registered e-mail to request of resetting of your  FL(SMS) or SL(Webtool) password.


Contact LC Customer Service via Google Hangouts (new.acct.lc@gmail.com),

TEXT Hotline (09285067310) or email (help@loadcentral.com.ph).

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