Retailer Webtool Manual

To access the Loadcentral Webtool, login to and enter the Retailer’s Username (Mobile Number) and Password. Always put a 63 instead of 0 as the prefix of your mobile number.


1. Retailer Number and Wallet Balance
Your Retailer Number is displayed along with your real-time Wallet Balance.
2. Transaction Status
Status of your Sales transaction is displayed above the Retailer’s Webtool. Successfull transactions are in BLUE font, while RED font for unsuccessful transactions.
3. How to Change Password
  1. Click the change password button
  2. Provide the required information:
    – Username (remember to start with 63 instead of 0)
    – SMS or First Level(FL) Password
    – Old Password
    – New Password (minimum of 6 characters)
4. How a Retailer Make a Sale

  1. Select a Product Category where the product to be sold belongs (e.g. ELOAD PRODUCTS).
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to view all available products and choose the product to be sold.
  3. Enter buyer’s number on the “Buyer’s No.” field.
    You may input a maximum of 10 on the “Quantity” field if selling multiple e-Pin product to customer.
    Then, click “Sell Product“.
    Note that it is REQUIRED to input amount on the “OPTION” field if selling “GLOBE/TM Amax Other” products (e.g. type 40 for Php40)
  4. After successfull transaction, your recent sales transaction will appear and the buyer will receive the e-Pin or eload via SMS.

Note: The quantity can only be adjusted on e-Pins and a maximum of 10 e-Pins can be sold at one time.

5. How to Resend

  1. Type the mobile number of the buyer in the space provided.
  2. Click “Resend”
  3. System will resend the e-Pin via SMS to the buyer.

Note: Resend is only applicable for the last e-Pin transaction and NOT for eloads. Also the last e-Pin bought by that mobile number is the only one that the system will resend.

6. How the Retailer Generate Sales Report
  1. Scroll down to “New System Sales Report
    Click the Start Date. Select the date you want your sales report to start.
  2. Click the End Date. Select the date you want your sales report to end.
  3. Click “Submit

Webtool Advantages:

  • Faster and more efficient since it by-passes our SMS access numbers.
  • For the e-Pin that was just sold, the details are displayed on the PC monitor. The retailer can just write it in a piece of paper in the event that there are delays in SMS.
  • Even if all the carriers SMS systems are down, the retailer can still dispense e-Pins by selling to his own account.
  • A retailer can do advance selling to himself of fast moving products. He can either write it in pieces of paper or print the e-Pins. He can sell a maximum of 10 e-Pins of the same product denom per transaction.
  • A static IP address offers the best security for the retailer since transaction using the webtool can only be done in a certain defined location. The DSL ISP normally provide this.

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